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Priest Sri Jagannath Achar

Hare Sreenivasa


Sri Madhwacharya is the epitome and creator of Dwaita philosophy which we all try to learn and follow as part of Matha proceedings.


NE SRS Brundavan is very happy to announce a great addition in the form of a full time priest Sri Jagannath Achar. Sri Jagannath Achar brings with him a lot of experience, knowledge and versatility in terms of pooja and ritual proceedings.  

Sri Jagannath Achar profile:

Sri Jagannath avare is a highly qualified, religious, intellectual, recommended and blessed by none other than H.H. Shri Subhudhendra Theertha Swami galu. He brings with him a wealth of work experience working as a Priest in India.

Sri Jagannath achar has pursued his higher studies in Veda, Upanishads and Sarvamoola Grantha under guidance of Sri. Late Dr. Bannanje Govindacharya & Guru Achar of Bijapur. He has been working as a freelance priest from 2020 till date.

Prior to that, he worked as a priest for over fourteen (14) years at Rayara maTha, Bagalkot, Karnataka, India. Sri Jagannath achar can proficiently communicate in different languages, namely in Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, English and Marathi. Over the years, Jagannath achar has learnt and performed many sampradaya based puja and rituals. To list a few but not limited to, following is a list of Priest Services, we invite each of you in the community to avail by submitting a scheduling request through maTha’s website. 

• Vishnu Sahasranama Homa
• Sri Hari Vayu Stuti Homa
• Pavamana Homa
• Dhanvantari Homa
• Ayushya Homa 
• And many others.  

• Navagraha Shanti  
• And many others

• Sri Raghavendra Swamy Paada Puja 
• Kanakabhishekha Puja
• Sri Sathyanarayana Swamy Puja
• Sri Bhudurga Puja

• Mrutyunjaya Japa
• Dhanvantari Japa
• Navagraha Japa
• And many others

• Srinivasa Kalyana
• Lakshmi Naryana Kalyana
• Sita Rama Kalyana
• Tulasi Damodara Vivaha

• Upanayana
• Aksharabhyasa
• Anna Praasana
• Naama Karana
• Chaula Samskara

​Pitru Karma
• Shradha (Chataka/Pinda or Sankalpa)
• Tila Homa

Please feel free to contact Matha for special requests & additional details.​

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