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​Guru Raghavendra Samarpana Fund

NE SRS Brundavan would like to thank all types of seva and donations you all performed which enabled Rayaru to be at our mutt for the past few years. As we move into a permanent mutt phase (Phase 4) of our mutt, ​NE SRS Brundavan launches the Guru Raghavendra Samarpana Fund – a community effort to fund a dedicated priest for a Raghavendra Swami Mutt in the Greater Boston area. NE SRS Brundavan operates on a ‘For the Community, By the community’ model. So, please donate generously to help roll out the red carpet and add a brick to Rayaru’s brundavana in the Boston area. This is not possible without your support. Every contribution big or small counts. The big leap will be a permanent mutt for Rayaru catering all of New England area by Rayaru Aradhana 2023. 

​Donate. Become a Fund Raiser. Share the link with your network even if they don’t live in New England or USA. They may know others who do or they themselves would love to donate/support this important mission!

​Karedare Baruviiyendu Saruvudu Dangura
Tvaritadi Odago Banduu
Jareyu Vyadhiyu Barade Ninna
Viraha Talade Padake Eraguve
Hariya Smareneya Niidutenage
Harushadali Nii Niruta Kodutali
Baaro Guru Raghavendra…Barayya Ba Ba!

​“Come to us Guru Raghavendra. You are the one known to come to those who call your name! Come to us and cast your benevolence on us.”

With this call to Rayaru, let’s do everything in our power to welcome Raghavendra Swami to our area.

Guru Samarpand Fund Reg
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