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Gnana Kalpavruksha Classes for Adults and Youth

Classes of Enlightenment

The Gnana Kalpavruksha classes for adults is geared towards imbibing knowledge, curiosity and path for an journey of Madhwa Philosophy. The lecture series were designed to keep them easily absorbed and spread over time for easier consumption and retention. Different Pravachana Karthas will be providing these lectures. Please find the current set of Pravachana Series.

1. Pravachana Series - Life and Works of Sri Madhwacharya by Sri Sunder Madakshira.

2. Pravachana - Sacred Works of Sri.Raghavendra Swamy A Birds Eye View by Dr.Suman Acharya

Pravachanas could be viewed on YouTube channel below. Please subscribe to 'NE SRS Brundavan' YouTube channel to get notified of any updates.


Details are also available on Facebook page: 


Please contact us at for any further details. 

Fees : FREE
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Madhwa Gnana Vruksha - Feb 28th 2021.jpe
Madhwa Gnana Vruksha - Sri Rayaru Works
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