Our Services*

Matha Services is a 2-step process.

Step 1: Matha Services Booking. (There are Full Year and One Time options)

Step 2: Personal and Family Gotra, Nama details (if any changes from before)

Step 1

Step 2

(Only required if any changes from before)

* Please use ACH (Bank option) during payments for minimal fees which we negotiated with the vendor. 
* Priest Dakshina is included in the Matha Donation. You are welcome to offer more to the priest and to the mutt based on your satisfaction.
* All services are subject to availability. 
* Hastodaka (Food) is not included as part of Seva pricing. You need to buy Hastodaka tickets for the same. Hastodaka is subject to availability. Please reach out on
info@ne-srsbrundavan.org or 508-904-7341 before making a purchase. Please buy 1 day in advance

*For Services at outside locations including home, the devotees will have to make arrangements to transport the priest from the temple and back.
* For all the Services, please check with the priest for all needed items for specific Pooja/event